To Say I Love You Is Like Saying That the Sky Is Blue

by cannabisara

It’s magnificent how at one moment in your life, everything is inconclusive-Consecutively without rhyme, following an elusive line of numbers, rebelliously straying out of line.  

And just a few handfuls of thrown stones later, nothing is without absolute relevance to everything.                                                                                 

Granted no new knowledge of this relentless ebb and flow, where to stay is ultimately the desire to go–where nothing is everything too…

In these moments, not giving a damn who is looking at you–what they think you did or will one day do….If it is true or untrue. The relationship between nothing and everything consumes the sound and willing mind and envelopes you for an eternal time– which will one day reach an abrupt end, with no definitive answer when or if, it will begin again.