Smoking Cigarettes in Life’s Waiting Room Next to a No-Smoking Sign

by cannabisara

Free time for a bitter woman,
Indeed bittersweet.
The dead walk amongst the living–
The living pretending to be alive
Survive barely.
Knowing the doom that shall
Come their way
In fate’s proposal
Every single day.
The unexpected
Indisposable and in hand.
Too many to count–
In abundance as the stars
One for every grain of sand.I
This earth has many hands,
Ladyfingers in the sky,
Toes taking root in the land–
Giving love to those who understand.
Humans travel ’round the bends,
In search of the love the rope suspends.
Once found, they tie the knots again,
Destroying nature’s amends
Just to cut away the odds and ends.