Bloody, Bloody Red White & Blue Shoes

by cannabisara

“I want, I want.”
“I need, I need.”
Your greedy greed of sinful deeds,
An end to no means.
Practice chivalry.
Can you open the door for me?
I’ll get the window so I can push you out,
See how far down you go or if you shout.
I grinned gallantly as I sunk the last of the land I could see.
So obliterate me into apathetic history
As you keep wronging the words you’ve never heard.
Piled in a heap of stench, you stink.
A customer, not preferred.
Maybe, G.E.R.D.?
A tough lesson learned, I hope.
For a dope.
You are not the problem.
Just the outcome;
Of a nation, a society, that is just really fucking dumb.
Hey, USA, what ignorant asshole shall be elected today?