That’s Like Putting Chocolate on a Turd

by cannabisara

“You ought not”, I said as I caught you hand-red, caught catching me
In a stutter, disinterested.
Simply too many thoughts rearranging
Leaving me with no words left
To utter.
This nonsense you constantly mutter
Makes me shudder.
Just a game;
Quite relevant to the substance you claim to contain.
Spewing false facts other than your name, of which
Gathers unusual fame…for you.
I’m done pretending to listen to a novice
Pretending they’ve got better things to do.
Your audacity is chintzy; Just reproducing what you see on “Reality” T.V. unproductively.
Lacking positivity.
These sad yet entertaining ideals of society
Ravish me with violent laughter.
Eventually my head combusts spontaneously erupting a geyser of idiocies flowing from my jugular
Into hard copies of a story about you that no one will read.