by cannabisara

Your lips were so sweet
A twin taste of honeysuckle
With which my tongue I would baste.
As a nip of the plant, your sweet flavour
I would decant
Until, as it always will,
Began to fade.
New life, now old.
A story once told.
A descent into decay,
Beauty lost in an array
Of an oddly glorious unforetold
Bout of flowery mold.
Your taste buds, now cold.
Once intertwined vines,
Melt away from each other in time.
Then for a while, I lose my mind.

Your lips are so sweet
A twin taste of honeysuckle
With which our tongues meet.
Yet I do think upon
What is now gone.
From when I was young, a flavour in ink
Remains upon my tongue.
That which is bittersweet,
I do not wish to repeat.
But for how long
Can my taste buds sing this sweet song
Before the constant decay eats my tongue away?
I shall await a dismal day
In which the innocence of honeysuckle
Cannot bare to take away.